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Library Instruction Program

What is Library Instruction?

The goal of the Instruction Program is to foster the development of NMSU students, faculty, and staff as information literate individuals who determine when information is needed, access information in all formats, evaluate information and its sources, and use information effectively and ethically. Information literacy is common to all disciplines, to all learning environments, and to all levels of education. It is increasingly important in the contemporary environment of rapid technological change and proliferating information resources.

This program is dedicated to fostering information literacy among the NMSU community. In collaboration with other NMSU instructors, we provide services such as: in-class and in-library instruction, develop general and assignment-specific instructional materials, create online learning resources, and offer workshops highlighting resources and tools that support researchers’ information needs. These skills lead to increased academic success, better papers, and higher quality research projects while reducing library anxiety and the incidence of plagiarism.

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