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Library Instruction Program

Adding a Library Module to your Canvas Course

The Library Modules in Canvas Commons are meant to prepare students for Library research. The Library will be adding more modules throughout 2021.

If you want to import one of these modules into your course, here are the instructions:

  1. Visit Canvas Commons. The icon is on the left side of your Canvas and looks like a C with an arrow shooting out of it (purple arrow in image below). Type "NMSU Library" into the search box (search term circled in yellow in image below). All of the Library modules will come up. 
    Screenshot of Canvas Commons page with the Library Modules search results. Search term circled in yellow, purple arrow pointing to Canvas Commons icon.
  2. Click on the Title for the module you are interested in. From here you can view the contents. 
  3. On the right side of the screen choose the blue "Import/Download" button (Import/Download button circled in orange in image below). 
    Screenshot of NMSU Library Orientation information page with Import/Download button circled in orange.
  4. Choose the course(s) you want to import the module into and click "Import into Course" at the bottom. The module will queue for addition to your course. 
  5. Once the import has completed, you can move the module anywhere within your course that you choose. The image below shows how it will look when it appears in your course. We suggest assigning this to your students at point-of-need (ie. when they have a specific assignment due) as Library studies show that this is the best way to get students to retain this information.
    View of a Library module inserted into a Canvas course.

Stay tuned for further NMSU Library modules. Thank you for welcoming the NMSU Library into your Canvas course!